Saturday, November 20, 2010

altered books & journals

Just posting some of my latest work ... almost finished one whole Moleskine "Myths, Metaphors & Majyk" - plus an altered book "States of Grace" - and an oversized altered book/journal covering up all the pics of Oprah because, well, that's another post-on-a-soapbox I'm not quite ready to write. ;-)

This is the Moleskine I'm almost finished with and here are a few of
my fave pages from it ...

Below, pages from my altered book "States of Grace" - the technique I used
on the first one is using correction tape to cover up certain words that spoke to me
and then painting and texturizing over the whole page ... when done, I peeled up the
correction tape and the words were highlighted on the page.

From one of my favorite writers, George Sand, a feminist before her time:
"Love does exist, it is not an illusion, one has only to recognize it, and be humble before it."

Here's a 4-page spread from my oversized altered book (sans Harpo)

S'all for now!

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  1. YEAH! It's so great to see your work out there, Sophie-gal! Plus your work is so beauti-full -- eye candy for the soul!



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