Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Haircut and a New Pair of Shoes

So what is it about a woman getting a great haircut and a new pair of shoes that makes her feel like she could rule the world? I went to the hair salon after a madcap week of deadlines and an onslaught of client work that had left me feeling a bit black and blue all over. As my stylist set the timer for 30 minutes for the haircolor to work its magic, I felt myself nodding off, I'm sure from pure adrenal fatigue.

The timer buzz snapped me out of what might soon have turned into an embarrassing bout of snoring, and Elizabeth said "I have time for a trim if you like." Those were magic words cause I'd caught myself doing the Edward Scissorhands thing a few days earlier in a fit over curls that had been raging out of control the past few weeks. I acquiesced cause I knew I needed someone to clean up the mess I'd made, and as I watched her trim a bit here and a bit there, I suddenly saw myself transformed from the wild harpy looking thing that had walked in the door an hour earlier to a kinder tamer version with lovely frizz-free ringlets.

As I swiveled in the chair to take in the 360 mirror view, my peripheral vision caught sight of another stylist with a cute pair of slip on shoes. Even as the question came out of me "ooh, I love your shoes, where did you get them" I fully expected her to say "oh these old things, had them for years." But to my surprise she said she'd only gotten them two weeks ago at a store just around the corner! After admiring my fresh bouncy curls one more time I ran round the block, found the coveted shoes, tried them on, and they not only looked great but fit well too. I left the store swinging the shopping bag with all the energy and swagger of a much younger girl who just knew she was the cutest thing in the parking lot. I laughed out loud because as ridiculous a thought it seemed at the time, I realized how authentic the feeling was, how a little beauty and synchronicity had turned a stormy day (literally and figuratively) into one where a bit of dazzle had burst through the clouds to shine a spotlight right on me!
Yes, there's just something about a great haircut and a new pair of shoes that makes the world a brighter place. Oh, and combine that with a killer hot chocolate with dark cherry syrup (from Mad Max at Northgate) and, well, damn near heaven on earth. :-)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Through the Eyes

Ok, so I've been a little - actually pretty darn - reticent about posting cause I've had this feeling that I have to come up with something really good to be even slightly interesting to whomever might visit my blog. But last weekend, my friend Crystal inspired me. She said I should just post whatever I've seen, explored, photographed, talked about, laughed about .. she said that creative peeps have a perspective all their own and we should share that with others. Ok. I'll do it. But please .. don't judge me cause that'll send me right back into my creative cave! :-)

Out and about last weekend, I was also inspired by Sherry's photo class assignments. Her first assignment was "grass" - the second was "architecture" - this pic made me feel like I nailed both in one!

Had lunch at The Counter in Corte Madera, love their burger salad for those of us avoiding gluten - and good news discovered this time, they now have gluten-free buns! I love all the extras you can have layered on top of your burger, wish I'd photographed that .. but I did capture a smiley face in a glass, and a cool set of mid-century looking S+P shakers.

Friday, December 31, 2010

featured on scrapscene

Very excited about my first "feature" on ScrapScene blog - thanks, Angie, for recognizing and supporting my art!
* * *

Friday, November 26, 2010

collage canvas

Here are a few of the canvasas I've created - even though I've photographed them in landscape format, they're actually 14" square - working my way up to something really big! All three of these feature lyrics from Nick Drake.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

creating turquoise ... and other colors when the rainbow is more than enuff

Remember I said I was going to unleash my creativity on some poor unsuspecting canvas? Well it’s happened. First with a canvas. Then with a notebook. And last Saturday with a novel. I’ve discovered the art of collage and I’m freakin’ possessed!

It all started when I traded website design for some art classes with collage art master Virginia Simpson-Magruder. I’d been on her blog and seen some of her work and was totally inspired. At my first session in her amazing studio, she made me tear a notebook page in half. Really? Tear it? OMG, totally liberating! And I haven’t stopped since. Sharing here a few of the pages I’ve created. More to come cause the fire has been lit and I don’t see any sprinklers in sight!

Monday, November 22, 2010


“Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking, but a full-on metamorphosis.” -Martha Beck

I didn't ask Ms. Beck for her permission to reprint this quote, but I'm hoping she won't mind because I love it so.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

altered books & journals

Just posting some of my latest work ... almost finished one whole Moleskine "Myths, Metaphors & Majyk" - plus an altered book "States of Grace" - and an oversized altered book/journal covering up all the pics of Oprah because, well, that's another post-on-a-soapbox I'm not quite ready to write. ;-)

This is the Moleskine I'm almost finished with and here are a few of
my fave pages from it ...

Below, pages from my altered book "States of Grace" - the technique I used
on the first one is using correction tape to cover up certain words that spoke to me
and then painting and texturizing over the whole page ... when done, I peeled up the
correction tape and the words were highlighted on the page.

From one of my favorite writers, George Sand, a feminist before her time:
"Love does exist, it is not an illusion, one has only to recognize it, and be humble before it."

Here's a 4-page spread from my oversized altered book (sans Harpo)

S'all for now!


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